Research is central to the creation process - informing how we explore and experiment with the world around us. It uncovers insight and meaning. It informs action and understanding of our experiences and relationships with one another. And more often than not, it points us to the story that needs to be told.

My research practice began at Trinity College Dublin, where I studied History, and continued at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

As well as in theatre, I've designed and directed creative ways of bringing organisations into the world of an audience  - to understand their needs, investigate ideas, solve challenges and make decisions.  I've designed and worked on research projects across the UK, Europe and in the US learning about the lives, behaviours and motivations of diverse groups of people, turning insight into story and creating deeply engaging spaces for people to play in and learn from - using workshops, immersive and interactive experiences and mobile research tools,

Working with C Space and Coney, I co-made and co-directed Act. Don't Act, exploring the kinds of futures we might find ourselves in 3 years from now. Blending theatre and future-focused research, the work drew on insight from UK customers and expert interviews. You can read more about this project and watch the video here.

Recent collaborations as a facilitating artist include working with Science Gallery London and The Old Courts Arts Venue, Wigan.

Skills shortlist...

  • Qualitative research: ethnography & in-depth interviews

  • Immersion and insight consultancy

  • Facilitation: one to one, small, medium & large group

  • Co-creation methodology & facilitation

  • Project design & direction

  • Insight generation & analysis

  • Research & audience evaluation

  • Communications: writing, editing & dramaturgy

  • Improvisation, devising & idea generation

  • Teaching and training