MULTIPLE CHARACTERS in DIY Play by Peter Dunne (Smock Alley Theatre), BELLADONNA in Nightmare Plants by Michelle McMahon (National Botanic Gardens of Ireland), MULTIPLE CHARACTERS in Eerie by Peter Dunne (Smock Alley Theatre), FIONA in Adventure 1, A Tail of Two Cities by Coney (Camden People's Theatre), LEIGH in Inhabitance by Peter Dunne (Project Arts Centre), KATY in The Eye Test by Nigel and Louise (Shoreditch Town Hall), MICHELLE in Keep Calm and Don't Mention... by Stefanie Preissner (24 Hour Plays at The Abbey Theatre) GLITCHSPRING in FuturePlay for FutureFest by Coney (Shoreditch Town Hall), AGNES in Broadening by Peter Dunne (Project Arts Centre), SOPHIE in Merger Talks by Tom Jenson (Old Red Lion Theatre), CLERK in Early Days of a Better Nation (Battersea Arts Centre), COURTIER in House of Cards by Coney (Kensington Palace), MONICA in Crack the Code by Coney (Dana Institute, The Science Museum London).


2018 BATFA Craft Awards, Vodafone, Kayak, Sodexo, Meteor Mobile, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, eBay and Everything Everywhere